Fast Bowling Directive from ECB

The Fast Bowling Directives are designed to raise awareness of the need to nurture and protect our young fast bowlers through their formative years, and have been warmly welcomed by a significant number of coaches and managers. Statistics clearly show that fast bowlers regularly win International matches, and if England is to achieve the vision of becoming the most successful and respected cricket nation, we must make every effort to produce bowlers to reach the goal.

I would like to thank those involved in the development of talented fast bowlers for their observations and constructive feedback regarding the initiative. As coaches we should consider the welfare of the individuals under our supervision, the regulations are designed to minimise the possibility of injury.

The Directives relate to all competitions under the auspices of the ECB at Under 19 level and below as well as all Premier League matches. It should be emphasised that the age of the player is the key criteria, and not the level of cricket being played. The restrictions will be reviewed annually, and the Directives are unchanged for the 2007 season.

Hugh Morris
Deputy Chief Executive
England and Wales Cricket Board

pdficon_large  ECB Fast Bowling Directive