What is Clubmark?

Clubmark is Sport England’s national accreditation scheme for high quality community sports clubs which sets the standard for all high quality community sports clubs in England.

What does Clubmark stand for?

Clubmark stands for higher standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management which in turn should ensure a sports clubs infrastructure is safer, stronger and more successful. A club that has been awarded Clubmark has achieved minimum operating standards in activity/playing programmes, equity, welfare and good club management.

In essence, a club that qualifies for Clubmark is a well run club which is active and accessible getting the best out of people and encourages the following:

  • Duty of Care & Welfare
  • Coaching, Competition and Conduct
  • Inclusive & Friendly approach to sport
  • Sound Club Management

Benefits to our members being Clubmark accredited?

Achieving Clubmark accreditation takes time and effort, and we hope that as Farnham CC has invested in securing its Clubmark status that this demonstrates our commitment to develop a well run and well managed club, which includes operating a safe and supportive environment to enjoy cricket.

Farnham Clubmark Reference No – 1093