A task force of club members have started to pool resources to help get the clubhouse ready for the forthcoming season.

Parents Robert Gordon, Terry Gent-Eggett and Andy Cunningham have kindly offered to repaint the ceiling, after which new LED lighting will be installed which has been donated and will be fitted by Paul Anderson of Orkid Life (Charlie’s Dad).

If you can spare a few hours or longer on the Club Day on Saturday 11th April to lend a hand we’d be very grateful of everyone’s support to help complete the following:

– Re-painting the interior walls of the Clubhouse
– Deep clean of the Kitchen & BBQ
– Sanding down, Priming, Undercoating and Glossing the Window Shutters & Doors
– Re-staining of the Exterior Woodwork to the Front & Side
– Re-painting of the Sight Screens
– Re-painting of the white posts round Car Park
– Repairing & Re-painting the stud walls to Changing Rooms & Corridors
– Weeding exterior beds and planting bedding plants.